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Hello, my name is Anna Osborne-Reynolds and I am the proud owner of Bheannaigh. Pronounced Bae-au-na. I am a licensed Cosmetologist, Usui & Karuna Reiki Master, Reflexologist, and Holistic Integrative Health student.

Bheannaigh is in hopes “A place for You”, a place where I aim to help you feel confident with your own unique beauty. I’m here to offer you a comfortable and relaxing experience. A slice of time customized to you and your unique needs. I ask you to come on in to Bheannaigh, take your shoes off, breath, and simply relax. . .

I offer many modalities including Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Hot Stones, Reflexology, Bodywraps, Full Body Scrubs, Detoxifying wraps and masks, a variety of Facials, Lash Extensions, Make-Up tutorials, Chakra Balancing, Stone Work, Reiki, and Botanical Full Body waxing. I strive to carry only clean, Organic products (with the exception of the Lash Extensions).

All services are by appointment only. You’re welcome to give me a call at (517)917-2423. I also have gift certificates available, perfect for special occasions or just simply to let that special someone know you care.