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Eaton’s Proving Ground came into existence in 1967 when approximately 400 acres was leased to test off-highway equipment for the Fluid Power Division’s Hydrostatic Transmission Program.

In 1969, the land was purchased along with additional acreage bringing the total acreage to its present 636 acres, In 1971, the Marshall Proving Ground  became a Corporate Facility.

The Marshall Proving Grounds has approximately 200 employees, 75% having an Engineering job function.

The Marshall Proving Grounds’ Key Attributes, include:

  • Research and Development Labs include:
    • Supercharger
    • Torque Control
    • Valvetrain
    • Test Track
    • Metallurgical Lab Facilities
  • Machine shop capabilities
  • Unique Customer/Visitor Experience at the Eaton Lodge

Interesting Facts:

  • Site is situated in an area made-up of wetlands and is bisected by two streams that feed into the Kalamazoo River
  • Certified Zero Waste to Landfill Site

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