The Marshall Area Economic Development Association (MAEDA) has established a COVID-19 Marshall Community Relief Fund to provide relief to local businesses negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. MAEDA has directly contributed $70,000 of its reserves to jump start this important initiative.

To establish an adequate Relief Fund that will allow for us to continue awarding grants to local businesses in need, WE NEED YOUR HELP. While the federal government has provided some programs for small businesses, the funds are taking 45-60 days to be available. For many small businesses in our community, with the drastic revenue cuts they have experienced, this will be too long. In addition, many existing grants are only available for a small percentage of businesses and it is projected that other federal funds will run out before all small businesses can receive relief from this unprecedented shut down.

This is where the community can step in and keep our small businesses alive. We hope all that everyone who enjoys Marshall's vibrant town full of shops, restaurants, salons and other small businesses can find a way to support this effort, either by donating to the fund or sharing this campaign. As MAEDA is a 501(c)3 organization, donations are tax deductible. Check with your tax provider on the tax benefits based upon your tax situation.

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Private Donations Raised


Thank You!

More ways you can help:

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You can also help by writing  a review for a local business on their website, FaceBook page, Yelp, or similar site.

What sites or apps do you use when you travel? Go to them and leave a review for a local business so future travelers to Marshall know the best places to visit!

How It Works


Our community is reeling and we need to act swiftly to provide support to businesses in need. Our hope is to help our peers make it through the tough days ahead. 


Donations from MAEDA, businesses, and individuals will be put into the fund to be dispersed to area businesses in the form of a grant. 


Initial grants will be up to $1,000 per business with the purpose of supporting lease payments, mortgage payments, utility payments or other short-term, immediate business needs. Businesses will be required to submit applications detailing current and projected needs. Subsequent disbursement structure and amounts will be based upon the needs of the small business community.