Household Hazardous Waste Recycling

Entrance is onto Wagner Drive from Emmett Street. If traffic is heavy or longer than anticipated line length, this intersection will be made right turn only. Barricades in the park will go up at 12:30 PM. Event line will be cutoff at 5:30 PM where Roosevelt Ave. and Wagner Dr. merge. The line may be long, but moves quickly.

Event is limited to residential material generated by Calhoun County residents. Please stay in your car when it is being unloaded by volunteers.

Items accepted:
oil-based paint
fuels (in fuel cans)
solvents, acids, bases
household cleaners
medications, sharps (inside rigid puncture resistant container w/lid)
household batteries
fluorescent light bulbs
motor oil, oil filters, antifreeze
propane cylinders, gas cylinders (NO foam insulation)
fire extinguishers
aerosol cans
PCB and non-PCB lamp ballasts
oxidizers, self-heating solids
flammable solids/liquids
toxic inorganics/organics
self-defense spray
water-reactives, isocyanates ,cyanide

NOT Accepted Items:
latex paint
school chemicals
biologically active material
home-use insulation spraying cylinders
radioactive material (includes smoke detectors)

HHW collections DO NOT include trash, tires, yard waste, construction/demolition waste, appliances, or industrial/business-generated waste. These items are not defined as household hazardous waste.

Gasoline and oil containers: If you would like your container back, be prepared for a short wait.