Community Event

Summer of BeachFit

This is a weekly outdoor group exercise featuring trainers & instructors from around the Marshall area.
The best part… IT’S FREE for EVERYONE.
At Beach Fitness & BeachFit Fuel we feel that fitness and exercise should be accessible to everyone.
All ages and fitness levels. Young people to older adults. Beginners to advanced.
Health should have no boundaries.
It should be fun.
It should be supportive.
It should be a community event.
Every week will be a different class ranging from cross training, dance fitness, Pilates, boot camp, yoga, circuit training, cardio drumming, and more!
We will plan to meet at Sherman Park every Thursday at 6:30 pm from 6/9 until 8/25 with an end of summer BLOW OUT BASH!
Event calendars can be picked up at BeachFit Fuel located at 205 West Michigan Ave or emailed.