All News News Posted October 28, 2019 By Marshall Area Economic Development Alliance and Chamber

Ribbon Cutting Held for Hangry Herbivore

Marshall Area Economic Development Alliance welcomed The Hangry Herbivore to Marshall with a ribbon cutting presentation on October 23.

Pictured, MAEDA staff, Chamber Ambassadors, family and friends welcome Hangry Herbivore to Marshall. From left are Jessica Walker, B&B Services; Jennifer Getter, Stitch Upon a Time; Phoebe, Outside the Box;  Jenna Hurd-Begg, VantagePointe Financial Group; Eden Hackworth; Lori Zettell, Outside the Box Wellness Café and Functional Medicine; owner Lakota Fradette; Holly Irish, Beron’s Tree Service; Lucca Fradette; Link Fradette; Louis Fradette; Liam Fradette; Walt Obrinske Jr., Walt Obrinske & Son Excavating; Deana Perry, Two Feathers; and Jenny Modert, Chemical Bank. Picture by Jane Reid, MAEDA.

Owner, Lakota Fradette, became vegan about two years ago to lower her high cholesterol. With the new diet, her cholesterol reduced by over 70 points. However, Lakota discovered that many healthy options were not always appealing. She wanted to enjoy eating tasty foods without guilt that are normally off limits, so she began making her own gluten free, vegan desserts made from whole foods and sweetened naturally.

As her new lifestyle became a passion, Lakota opened The Hangry Herbivore. Lakota partnered with Outside the Box Wellness Café where Lakota makes and sells such creations as raspberry cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake, pumpkin spice cake, oatmeal pies and chocolate cherry bombs in the café. Lakota hopes to expand in the future and is working on savory options.

Enjoy a guilt-free dessert from The Hangry Herbivore at Outside the Box Wellness Café, 136 W. Michigan Ave. in downtown Marshall. For more information contact Lakota Fradette at [email protected]