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  • Michigan has more natural gas reserves than any other state in the Great Lakes region.
  • The Antrim natural gas fields, in the state’s northern Lower Peninsula, are among the largest in the nation.
  • Michigan has the most underground natural gas storage capacity of any state in the nation and supplies natural gas to neighboring states during high-demand winter months.
  • Michigan is a substantial generator of electricity from wood and wood waste.
  • Natural gas heats roughly four-fifths of Michigan homes.
  • Bordered by four of the five Great Lakes, Michigan has access to the nation’s greatest sources of fresh water with more than 5,000 cubic miles of fresh water bordered by more than 9,000 miles of shoreline.
  • With an average cost of 9.40 cents per kilowatt hours, the state ranks 20th in electricity pricing. Industrial pricing averages 7.08 cents per kilowatt hour. (Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration)


Michigan is one of the leading states supporting electric customer choice. In Marshall, you’ll get plenty of options. Average costs can be substantially lower than the state’s average based upon service territory, load and efficiency. Marshall is served primarily by Marshall Public Power, a municipal system owned and managed by the City of Marshall. Staffing for the system, from the director to the linemen is entirely based on people local to Marshall. When it works with you to determine how to best serve electric needs, it has expertise on hand that can offer insights on costs and timing to provide service. Marshall Public Power is very familiar with the available sites and buildings in the Marshall area and can easily provide real-time costs and timing so that companies can make an informed decision quickly.

Natural Gas

With over one-tenth of the nation’s natural gas storage capacity, Michigan cycles more natural gas through underground storage than any other state in the nation. An added benefit to customers is their ability to purchase directly from licensed alternative gas suppliers. Natural gas is supplied to all of Marshall’s sites by Consumers Energy. In working with a new or expanding company, it can quickly be determined whether the level of service meets the company needs or will need to be upgraded. The economic development team at Consumers Energy provides excellent customer service and is always ready to work with the Marshall team to meet company needs.

Water and Sewer

The City of Marshall provides water and sewer services directly to the customer. Not only does the City of Marshall provide utility services within city boundaries, but under PA 425 agreements with the townships, the city’s utilities are available outside of Marshall as well. The city’s director of public service is a professional engineer who can quickly determine how the city can accommodate the needs of new or existing clients. Marshall’s public services currently have the capacity to provide potable and usable water as well as waste water services to meet the needs of new or expanding companies. The city also has the ability to supply both services to not only industrial users, but also to food processing companies.

Marshall FiberNet

The City of Marshall is in the process of creating a new Marshall Internet Department that will offer a state-of-the-art fiber-optic internet service to all city residents and businesses, including  the industrial park.

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