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James Durian

Chief Executive Officer


Marshall is served primarily by Marshall Public Power, a municipal system owned and managed by the City of Marshall. Marshall Public Power is familiar with available sites and buildings in the area and can easily provide cost and timing information so companies can make informed decisions quickly.

Natural Gas

With over one-tenth of the nation’s natural gas storage capacity, Michigan cycles more natural gas through underground storage than any other state in the nation. Natural gas is supplied to all of Marshall’s sites by Consumers Energy. The Consumers Energy economic development team is always prepared to work with Marshall to meet a company’s needs. Additionally, substantial business energy savings rebates are available for achieving energy efficiencies.

Water and Sewer

The City of Marshall provides water and sewer services directly to the customer. Marshall provides utility services within city boundaries, and under PA 425 agreements with townships, the utilities are available outside of the city. Marshall’s public services currently have the capacity to provide potable and usable water as well as waste water services to new or expanding companies. The city also can supply both services to not only industrial users, but also to food processing companies.

Marshall FiberNet

The City of Marshall has created a new Marshall Internet Department that will offer a state-of-the-art fiber-optic internet service to all city residents and businesses, including the industrial park.

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