Impact Solutions

Impact Solutions was founded in 1981 by Bob Rabideau. Bob saw the value a company could derive from receiving certain operational services that would allow them to better focus on their core business. This idea grew into companies having every element of their printed and promotional materials perfectly organized, coordinated and produced by a single provider. The resulting continuity from this concept not only saved clients’ money but also greatly enhanced the influence of that company’s brand message on its customers. So, Impact Solutions grew around the idea of helping companies strengthen their image by making sure their brand was always presented effectively and continually captured their true personality. this formula has worked so well over the years that Impact Solutions now has a list of long-time clients that continue to prosper and grow, and proudly display their successes. In today’s more complex business environment, businesses have learned that their brand requires broader and more inclusive management to stay competitive, and that’s exactly what Impact Solutions brings to the table.