Marshall business group applauds support for Ford EV battery facility from Michigan League of Conservation Voters

Influential, nonpartisan environmental organization encouraged Marshall City Council to rezone land for BlueOval Battery Park Michigan

MARSHALL, Mich. — The Marshall business community is cheering new support for Ford Motor Co.’s electric vehicle (EV) battery facility from the nonpartisan environmental organization Michigan League of Conservation Voters (MLCV).

MLCV wrote a letter supporting BlueOval Battery Park Michigan in advance of Marshall City Council’s unanimous vote on Monday to rezone land for the $3.5 billion facility that – when it opens in 2026 – will produce batteries for EVs, the future of the auto industry.

“Clean energy manufacturing remains the future of the auto industry in Michigan, and is one of the leading ways to address climate change and reduce the use of fossil fuels,” wrote Lisa Wozniak, executive director of MLCV. “We support this very important step toward making Michigan a leader in the EV space and creating thousands of good-paying jobs, including ones that do not require a college degree.”

The Michigan LCV is the only nonpartisan political organization in the Great Lakes state committed to protecting the land, air, and water.

The MLCV letter to the Marshall City Council noted that BlueOval Battery Park Michigan will help the U.S. avoid supply chain stresses because it will be producing important EV components right here in Michigan. It also will reduce the country’s reliance on foreign manufacturing.

Wozniak’s letter said MLCV supports rigorous environmental oversight and regulation as the project moves forward so BlueOval can be a long-term, sustainable project that protects the surrounding natural resources and water. The organization said it stands ready to partner with Ford and local officials during the oversight process to ensure the project lives up to its potential as a model for sustainability and an integral part of Michigan’s commitment to achieving its clean energy goals.

James Durian, CEO of the Marshall Area Economic Development Alliance (MAEDA), said support from the highly regarded MLCV showcases the wide-ranging benefits of BlueOval Battery Park Michigan.

“This once-in-a-generation project is a win-win-win,” Durian said. “It will create thousands of new jobs and spur billions of dollars in investment for southwest Michigan – all while producing cutting-edge automotive products that produce less pollution, helping our land, water, air and Great Lakes.”