Health & Medical

Marshall Area Firefighters Ambulance Authority

Providing emergency medical services to the citizens fo Central Calhoun County.

The Marshall Are Fire Fighters Ambulance Authority (MAFFAA) was originally established as part of the City of Marshall Fire Department in 1980, known then as the Marshall Fire Fighters Ambulance Service (MFFAS). In 2004, voters within the City of Marshall and nine surrounding townships helped to form the Authority, supporting the agency with tax dollars. MAFFAA serves an area of 324 square miles within Calhoun County, primarily serving the citizens of Marshall and the surrounding townships: Burlington, Clarendon, Convis, Eckford, Fredonia, Lee, Marengo, Marshall, and Tekonsha. MAFFAA also provides mutual-aid response to neighboring agencies in order to assist when local call volume exceeds the available resources.

MAFFAA provides emergency medical services to its residents through 9-1-1 response and medically-appropriate inter-hospital transfers. In addition to the 4,000 annual requests for ambulance-related services, MAFFAA provides American Heart Association training to members of the healthcare community and local residents.