Museums at Calhoun County Fairgrounds

Michigan’s oldest fair, the Calhoun County Fair, began in 1839. The fair is located on the historic site that was expected to become the State Capitol complex. Lansing won the prize and Marshall retained its small town charm. Floral Hall, built in 1860, is the oldest fair building in the state and underwent extensive restoration in 2011. The Old Maple Grove Church was built south of Marshall on L Drive South in 1901 and moved to the fairgrounds in 2006. Houston School was built in 1836 as a rural school house and in the 1950s rebuilt on C Drive South in Fredonia Township. The school was in operation until 1967 and moved to the Calhoun County Fairgrounds in 2005.

The Museums are open during Fair Week in August and by special arrangement.  Call the Fairground office at 269-781-8161 to arrange a tour.