United States Postal Museum

The largest collection of U.S. Postal memorabilia outside of Washington’s Smithsonian Institution, the Postal Service Museum houses thousands of items spanning the entire history of U.S. mail delivery.

Documenting the story of the U.S. Postal Service with antique equipment, priceless memorabilia, photographs, and educational displays, the museum has something to delight all ages. Among the highlights are an 1890s storefront post office, a horse-drawn mail buggy, the world’s first postage stamps, the inner workings of a railway mail car, a 1960s three -wheeled “Mailster,” and an original 1931 Model A mail truck that was driven in the inauguration parade of the President George H.W. Bush.

The Postal Museum is open by appointment only; tours are welcome!  Please call 269-420-7030 to arrange a tour.  24 hour notice is suggested.