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Free Museum Day

Tour six historic museums for free.

Marshall Free Museum Day
May 21, 12pm-5pm

Honolulu House Museum

Step back in time and visit this unique historic home built in 1860 by a former US diplomat to Hawaii. Explore historic Marshall through the stories and lives of the four families who have lived here through the years.

Marshall Historical Museum at the GAR

Experience Marshall history in one museum that is packed with stories and artifacts highlighting the industry, culture, and key figures of early Marshall.

Governor’s Mansion

Marshall citizens of the mid-1800s were confident their town would win the vote to become the state capital of Michigan, so a Governor’s Mansion was constructed on what they planned to become Capitol Hill. Unfortunately, Marshall lost to Lansing by one vote. Tour this historic home and learn more about its use after the loss.

American Museum of Magic

View the largest, private collection of magical artifacts in the Northern Hemisphere and discover what has been described as “the Smithsonian of American magic.”

Gasoline Museum

Explore this fascinating collection of memorabilia related to cars, service stations, and the history of historic Marshall.

US Postal Museum

Discover a deeper history of the United States Postal Service. This museum is the second largest Postal Museum next to the Smithsonian. This tour includes life-sized artifacts, carriages, trucks and more!