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Hot, Hot, Hot!

What to do in Marshall when it is Hot, Hot, Hot!

Drive to Cornwell’s Turkeyville and enjoy two fun pools. For $5 per person, you can splash and frolic all day in the large pool or have fun in the splash pool. While you are at Cornwell’s, take advantage of the air conditioning in the restaurant as you eat your turkey dinner and savor the homemade pie.

Call for availability on the weekends since the campground may be full. Cornwell’s is located at 18935 15 ½ Mile Road in Marshall. 269.781.4293. The pools are open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The Marshall Recreation Department offers canoe, kayak, and tubes for floating down the Kalamazoo River. Enjoy the gentle flow of the river and spend time with friends and view nature from your craft. Call 269.781.5166 for costs and information about routes. The recreation department is located in the Public Services Building at 900 South Marshall.

The Marshall River Walk is a shaded .085 mile self-guided walk featuring five pedestrian bridges, boat and canoe launches, scenic overlooks and wildlife. A great deal of Marshall’s early history was lived along the Kalamazoo River and its tributary Rice Creek. The walk is wheelchair accessible. Visitors are encouraged to practice responsible stewardship of this valuable resource. Stop by the Marshall Welcome Center in town hall for a walking map of the river walk and other places to tour in Marshall.

When it is really hot, what tastes better than ice cream? Check out Side Track Ice Cream, Ice Cream Dream and the homemade ice cream at Dark Horse Commons.  Your mouth deserves a cold, tasty treat, so head to these spots for sundaes, floats, cones and much more.

If you want air conditioning, the Marshall District Library is cool and comfortable with chairs for browsing new books, working on the computers, reading to your children or playing with the many toys and puzzles the library has to offer. Check out the list of special events for children, teens, and adults all summer long.

The Bogar Theatre is also air conditioned and features many first-run movies for adults as well as children in two theaters. Sit in comfortable chairs and nibble on popcorn and candy as you watch your selection. The Bogar Theatre also serves beer and wine for the moviegoers and has an area for lounging with your friends even if you aren’t a movie-goer.

Cool down with us here in Marshall!