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All News News Posted November 5, 2018 By Marshall Area Economic Development Alliance

Oaklawn Renovation is Recognized by MAEDA

Marshall Area Economic Development Alliance (MAEDA) congratulated Oaklawn on the completion of their recent Phase I renovation project with a ribbon cutting presentation on November 2.

Pictured from left, Kierith Kurth, MAEDA; Amy Crisp, MAEDA, Jane Reid, MAEDA, Sherry Boyd, Oaklawn Chief Operating Officer; JoAnna Tarkiewicz, Oaklawn Assistant Director of Plant Operations; John Miller, Oaklawn Director of Plant Operations and Security; and Sara Jeffery, Oaklawn Development and Marketing Coordinator.

Realizing a need to improve patient experience, Oaklawn researched options for delivering quality services to patients faster. The solution culminated in restructuring the physical layout of the registration and lobby area as well as updating the registration process.

The completion of Phase I includes welcome, open seating arrangements in the lobby and improved color-coded signage to clearly guide patients throughout the facility and grounds.

Oaklawn also modified its internal processes to improve patient flow and communication. An electronic system with video displays keep patients informed as to the expected waiting time. Patients are allowed more freedom during waiting times since an announcement over the lobby PA system alerts them as when it is their turn to be served. “Our philosophy is to provide each patient with the same care we would provide for our own family,” stated Sherry Boyd, Chief Operating Officer. “This system protects a patient’s privacy, while being able to offer the highest level of care and comfort.”

The second Phase of renovations is already in progress with the hope of completion in March. Two more registration booths and a private lab draw area will be added. The mission to improve signage will also continue.

Check out the new improved Oaklawn at 200 North Madison Street in Marshall. For more information contact Oaklawn at 269-781-4271 or visit

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