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Spring has sprung in Marshall

It is finally beginning to feel like spring and Marshall is busily gearing up for visitors.

The museums are now open and clip-clop of the Marshall Carriage Company can be heard throughout the town. The restaurants are planning their seasonal menus as the first edibles of the season start to poke through the soil and the breweries are making preparations for their signature warm weather beers.

Soon Brooks Fountain will have crews scrubbing it spotless and checking the lights so that when the water begins to flow it will ready to amaze visitors and residents alike. Trees are budding and the bees are stretching their wings while the birds practice their songs in the tree lined streets.   Yes, spring truly has come to Marshall.

Local flowerbeds have been cleaned and prepped, sticks gathered, leaves raked and fresh mulch has been placed in preparation for the glorious gardens that are starting to spring up throughout the town. The crocus and snowdrops have made their appearance leading the way for forsythia, apple, cherry and the like to bloom overhead.

The Kalamazoo River saw its first visitors of the season as kayaking couples enjoyed the warmer temps and gloriously sunny skies. Families dusted off their bikes and rode the streets and pathways, while others strolled the River Walk to take in the warm, spring air. The Ice Cream Dream’s cheery sign beckoned travelers to stop in for a sweet treat as the groundskeepers across the street readied the athletic fields.

Spring has arrived in Marshall and we could not be more excited for all the wonderful things to come.