All News News Posted April 30, 2018 By Marshall Area Economic Development Alliance and Chamber

Why Buy Local?

Shopping locally has a major impact on both the economy and environment.

As you decide where to shop, consider the following reasons to shop at local small businesses:

·       Strengthen Your Local Economy – Buying local keeps four times the money in the economy compared to shopping at chains (according to media-cache).

·       Create Jobs – Small businesses are the largest employers and create two out of every three jobs and employ more than 52% of the nation’s employees (according to American Independent Business Alliance).

·       Support Community Groups – local businesses support local events, sports teams, and charities up to 350% more than big corporations (according to Pioneer Valley Local First).

·       Customer Satisfaction – Surveys by the Consumer Union repeatedly show that small businesses rate higher in overall customer satisfaction spending more time to get to know their customers compared to their chain competitors (Consumer Union).

·       Less Environmental Impact – Local businesses use less energy and land and carry more locally owned products.  Since small businesses they make more of their own purchases locally, they create less traffic and air pollution (according to Michigan State University Center for Community and Economic Development).

·       Keep Your Community Unique – The one-of-a-kind businesses make it fun to show and eat and benefit tourism (according to sustainable connections).

Everyone in your community wins when you buy local by keeping your community strong and preserving its distinctive character. Shop where you home is!