marshall social district

The Marshall Social District was established in September 2020 within the Downtown District. This is a designated public area where alcoholic beverages can be purchased in a designated cup from participating establishments and taken to designated consumption areas to enjoy. (During posted hours only)

MAP & Participating businesses

Below is a map showing the participating businesses, the social district boundaries, and the designated consumption areas.

Enjoying the Social District safely and appropriately is very important, so there are a few rules to follow.

1. Exit the liquor establishment onto the designated walkways or into the back alley. Beverages must be purchased in Marshall Social District cups to leave an establishment and cups must stay within the district's boundaries. Signage will indicate those boundaries.

2. Enter any participating liquor establishment & request your favorite adult beverage in a Marshall Social District cup. Hours for the Marshall Social District are Saturday-Sunday, Noon–11 pm.

3. Properly dispose your Marshall Social District cup when empty.

4. Repeat! Drink responsibly and have fun!

Participating Businesses
Participating Businesses