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Dark Horse Brewing Company


Dark Horse Brewing Co. is a small family owned business that produces and sells quality craft beers and carries on the brewing tradition in historic Marshall, MI. We also have a coffee shop, ice cream, bakery, taproom, beer garden, general store, wood shop and cycle repair shop.

Company Overview

Humble beginnings gave way to lessons learned of brewing in the shadows of the residence hall; steering clear of the landlord and having your ass handed to you by the almighty dollar are now consumed by the glory bells of success and the daily grind – a dichotomy of sorts… Should a young madman have to bend and be Ned Beatty’d to sell and serve to please the public eye’s nerve endings from the very beginning? Not this time around.

A brewer slowly climbed from the lowest points of business life with a sore ass, as he ascended to a new level. Hark! The horse of the dark nature holds the scales where the wheat and barley feedeth, not taketh from the mouths of man. A non-filtered view of hard work, careful perseverance of expansion, sticking to what is believed to be the right way and the only way to stay true to high quality, and also, the vague understandings of possible humor; blurring his family’s, employees’ and customers’ drinking experience and vision between a no-bull approach to brewing big, outstanding beers and selling nonsensical imagery and haberdashery…Proven to the masses as a Darkhorse trademark for the man behind the reigns.

Can true patrons of quality, time and devotion deal with the inner workings of a mad-man’s psyche as he speaks of visions of smacking Umpa Lumpas with snow shovels, or allows the obscure drawings of lawn jarts and tinker toys to be hung on the walls of his establishment? They seem to…A madman’s passion for brewing comes out in strange ways indeed; where his employees and fellow brew house boys may know not how to deal with his tongue twisted ramblings and contortions of the face at first; where the same can definitely scare away newcomers.

True patrons know how to accept the obscure humor. Some have lent a hand in some way or another. They know what “pour to the line” means; they have been to every annual crawfish boil and some find the passion within themselves to put the Darkhorse name to skin…still they barely understand the immature drawings created in the brewery… True patrons know the hard work the brewers put in to create and keep the Darkhorse name in the lead.

Some things in life are easily read and some things keep you guessing. Should we take turns consuming garage sale items and vomiting them on the walls or should we follow the square, straight and narrow? Slip into the pub and look around. Go out and buy a six-pack, and read the holder the beer comes in. Read the back of your growler. When you’re done, you’ll either get it or you won’t. No matter, as you’re drinking some of the best beer made in the great state of Michigan. Period!

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