Selfie / Influencer Walk

Smile! Marshall has many unique and beautiful places to take stunning photos for your social media pages. Get those cameras ready and post all your photos with #choosemarshall so we can help boost your number of followers.

Keep in mind, you don't have to start at #1 and go in order, you can start at #5 and go backwards if you want. It's YOUR walk so don’t be camera shy, let’s go!

#1 Honolulu House Museum This unique 1860 home is sure to grab the attention of your followers!

PRO PHOTO TIPS: Have a friend take your pic while you lounge on the front steps, with them far enough back to get the whole house in the shot = you'll look small, giving the photo a lonely feeling.

Or have them take a shot from below you while you lay down on a step, staring up at the sky, with the front of the building in the background, dramatically increasing its height.

#2 Brooks Memorial Fountain Located in the HEART of Marshall and with no bad angles, the Brooks Memorial Fountain is a perfect place to snap a #choosemarshall selfie.

PRO PHOTO TIP: Show your LOVE by making a heart with your hands, framing the fountain. Make it even better by taking the shot at night with a colorful glowing fountain or sunset in your hands.

#3 Marshall Mural This stunning mural is a favorite background for Marshall pics, so of course you need one too!

PRO PHOTO TIP: A lawn like this combined with a colorful background beg for a fun group shot. What can you do to make it your own? Create a cheer pyramid? Recreate that Beatles album cover? We want to see! #choosemarshall

#4 Sister City Murals This outdoor art gallery honors the sister cities of Marshall and Koka City, Japan. Bring your sketchbook and sketch a Japanese plant or garden sculpture and create a TikTok showing your process.

PRO PHOTO TIP: Treat this space like a real gallery and create contemplative shots showing your serious, studious side. Take the photo from the side of your face while you study the images.

#5 Downtown Marshall Explore downtown Marshall and find your own unique #selfie spots. Make sure to share it with us using #choosemarshall

PRO PHOTO TIP: In a space like this your background can play with the action to increase interest in your shots. Take a photo with the candy store in the background while you are stretching taffy out of your mouth, or wave a magic wand in front of the American Museum of Magic. Don't skimp on the dramatic flair (and don't forget #choosemarshall).

#6 Franke Center for the Arts Historic structures with unique architecture are always a fun photo shoot location, and it creates shots that can't be duplicated anywhere else.

PRO PHOTO TIP: Ballet pose at the top of the steps, centered between the doors, with your arms raised at your sides. Or try mimicking the sculpture in the side yard. Share the fun #choosemarshall.

#7 Parking Structure Travel to the top levels for a beautiful panoramic shot of Marshall, use a window opening to frame yourself, or get a dramatic angle of the Holiday House across the street. USE CAUTION! This is a parking lot, so be mindful of the cars and traffic and don't linger for long. And don't try anything dangerous, you ARE ON CAMERA with security guards watching you.


PRO PHOTO TIPS: Play with silhouettes and shadows. Keep your body in shadow (black) with light coming from outside the window frame, then play with your settings to create a very dramatic look.

Another idea is to have the photographer on an upper floor taking a shot of someone on the ground, looking up.

#8 Oaklawn Sleep Center (across from GAR Hall) Walk the wide low wall in front of the building like it's a balance beam. (No one needs to know how wide it is, it'll be our secret!) Please take care to not crunch any flowers!

PRO PHOTO TIP: Use portrait mode to put a sharp focus on the person walking and let the background go fuzzy. Or put the yellow daffodils in front of the wall into sharp focus and push the person out of focus. Playing with brightness and contrast can improve your shot as well.

#9 Carver Park Another fountain! But with the right angle you can look like a giant next to this one.

PRO PHOTO TIP: Prop up your phone on a nearby bench or flower pot and set the 3- or 10-second delay to give yourself time to set your perfect pose, maybe a kiss? a handstand? or show your jazz hands! Then show us! #choosemarshall

#10 VFW Parking Lot Mural This colorful mural is a well-kept secret in town. Pose right next to the giant Iwo Jima soldiers to show scale, or stand in the middle of the parking lot and "help" them raise the flag!

PRO PHOTO TIP: This mural is best photographed in the morning because the light in the afternoon/evening is too bright and causes glare. Time of day can make a huge difference in the quality of your photos. Much can be done with adjustments after photos are taken, but if can capture the right light then little adjustment will be necessary and your end results will be richer and bolder.

#11 Marshall Skatepark A fun place to pose in different angles and attitude. Areas are a bit run-down, lending an even more urban look.

PRO PHOTO TIP: A great spot for fun little TikToks or Instragram with attitude! #choosemarshall

#12 Ketchum Park So many options! A picturesque bridge, a fun children's play structure that mimics a lot of the towns architecture, rocky river overlook and a gas fireplace.

PRO PHOTO TIP: Pair up your photos of the real town structures with these play ones for interesting mash-ups perfect for Instagram.

#13 Stuart's Landing What will you do on stage? A dramatic act, make music, juggle? Show your talent to the world with #choosemarshall

PRO PHOTO TIP: Use the stage to frame your favorite TikTok dance. Go extra and create your own moves!

#14 Marshall Riverwalk 1 Each section of the Riverwalk features different photo opportunities. You'll want to explore the whole length!

Here, you can rent a kayak, find a dam/waterfall, a couple of bridges and a Japanese pergola.

PRO PHOTO TIP: Launch onto the water for great shots showing the sparkle of the water combined with bright kayak colors.

#15 Marshall Riverwalk 2 This walk features raised wooden walking paths with overlooks and tunnels, and a LOT of wildlife, giving you great opportunities to play with light and shadows.

PRO PHOTO TIP: Set your alarm to take photos during the “golden hour” when the sun’s natural light is often best for photos. This is achieved during the hour right after the sun rises and the hour right before it sets, and it gives everything a golden glow. Mid-day sun and shadows created from leaves will produce a great dappling effect.

#16 Ice Cream and Grain Elevators Finish your Influencer Walk with an ice cream cone while you frame the grain elevator in the background of your shot.

PRO PHOTO TIP: You can make yourself look tiny or giant depending on the placement of your subject, the background, and the photographer. You may need to get another cone while you explore all of the possibilities.

LAST TIP: Don't post all of your shots! No one will look through all 75 pictures you took in the last hour (alright, maybe your mom, but have some mercy). Go through your shots and delete photos with:

  • bad lighting or those that are blurry in all the wrong places
  • CROP almost all images to help focus the viewer on your subject and to eliminate "artifacts", items that are in your shot that shouldn't be, like your thumb or a weird tree branch in an upper corner - these items are distracting and annoying to the viewer
  • next play with filters, lighting, focus, etc to create your best images
  • then, out of the 10 shots of the same subject, pick the best one or two and delete the rest
  • SHARE your results! Remember #choosemarshall

If you follow these tips, you WILL gain more followers! Have fun!